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Gail’s Story

Gail’s Brownies and cookies come from her passionate love of baking which goes back to the third grade. She loved to bake her delicious desserts. In March of 2004, she turned her passion into a gourmet brownie, cookie and toffee business. Gail spent six months baking her creations at home, inventing original recipes for a friend’s restaurant before moving into a professional, certified kitchen.
You could say that today — the original delicious goodness has not changed one bite. We have not strayed from the original recipes using the finest quality ingredients.

Gail’s Brownies, cookies and toffee are designed with personal and corporate gifting in mind and the ability to score Brownie Points with corporate clients, friends. family and others. Finally, you could say they’re the best desserts on earth, taste any one of our luscious brownies or bite into one of our yummy cookie bars or toffee treats and you know they’re confection perfection made with the greatest of love. Gail’s  Brownies, cookies and toffee are  pure heavenly delight in every luscious bite. Gail still loves developing her own recipes and knows they’re the best you’ll ever taste!


5 stars

"I use Gail's Brownies for Lewis Floor & Home's Corporate Holiday gift. The brownies were delicious and delivered in a tin and individually wrapped for freshness. Gail was so pleasant to work with and she made the process seamless from start to finish. I would highly recommend Gail's Brownies for Corporate gifts."

Kelli S.

5 stars

"Absolutely delicious brownies! I crave them! Thank you Gail!"

Jessica F.

5 stars

"I sent these fabulous brownies to many clients for the holidays and they ALL LOVED THEM! We couldn't believe all the positive comments we got. Also, I got my wife some and pretty much ate the whole thing myself.... you need to get these brownies... now... go order them... you can thank me later."

Terry L.

5 stars

"I went to the mailbox and found the most delicious treat I have had in a long time. These wonderful Gail’s Brownies are our new favorites; we are coveting them! You have out done yourself with these!"

Carol & Sam

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